Donald A. Tubman, Private Investigator

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2021 Rates

$150.00 per hour, with usual expenses. Mileage.55.5 cents per mile, 8% sales tax when applicable.

$175. for court time, NYS record check offline search is $75.00 (cost), Criminal Docket Scan, $60.00 (excluding NYC)=$90.00.and UCC Searches $40.00. Most record searches are $100.00.

DMV and Criminal Searches rates vary by state.

Additional costs for photo processing and copying and certified record gathering (varies by court and jurisdiction)

Please contact me to discuss a variety of comprehensive statewide and nationwide searches which can

be conducted on behalf of your attorney, to uncover hidden assets in satisfaction of large judgments. All asset

searches are conducted in strict compliance with FCRA, GLBA and applicable state law.

Contact me at 585-889-4725 for specifics.

[email protected]